Advanced Things to Consider when Choosing a College

This can be one of the hardest decisions to make. For some students, the choice is very clear, but for many it is not. Part of the application process should include researching the schools in which you plan to apply. Something that many guides  or checklists leave out is researching the departments and professors. It’s not enough that the school you are applying to has your major, but what do they offer within that major. Here are some tips –

1 – Research the professors. What are the professor’s interest, research work and backgrounds. Do their interests align with your interests?

2 – What types of classes are offered in your majors of interests? Many majors can cover broad options. You should research the course handbook to see of there are many classes you are interested in taking.

3 – Are there undergraduate research opportunities or advanced projects? Are there study abroad programs or enrichment opportunities?

4 – If you are planning on attending graduate school, how many students are getting in to grad school who have completed their education at the college you are considering? This can become especially important for students applying to med school or law school.

5 – Are there study groups for pre-med (MCAT) or pre-law (LSAT) exams?

6 – What kind of internship opportunities are available? Who are some of the notable alumni? What are your networking opportunities? Internships and networking opportunities will often be the most critical piece in obtaining a job after graduation.