Make your scholarship essay stand out –

  1. Know your audience: Look closely at the questions on the application and the organization giving the scholarship. Do the research and the student will be one step ahead of the other applicants who are submitting more generic essays.
  2. Plan far in advance: Take some time creating a one-of-a-kind essay. Create something unique and well thought out. This will keep the essay from appearing common and unspecific.
  3. Make it personal and passionate: The student should not just tell the reviewers that they help build homes for low-income families; they should tell them how and why they got involved with the program. Putting a unique perspective in there will help create a more noteworthy essay.
  4. Find an editor: Take the time to have someone edit the essay. After putting all the time and passion into this essay, the student will want to make sure it is free of mistakes.

From US News World Report