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SAT Prep through Collegeboard for Current SAT Prep through January 2016

Khan Academy for Current SAT Prep through January 2016

Collegeboard & Kahn Academy for Redesigned SAT for March 2016 and beyond testing dates

ACT Prep through ACT.org

Free Test Prep Apps

Here are suggestions from a US News & World Report Article:

1. ACT Question of the Day: Available for Android users, ACT Question of the Day presents a daily question for both the mathematics and verbal section of the exam. It also provides a short explanation of the correct answer, which can be useful for improving future results. Although these explanations are short, they aim to provide the user with useful bits of information that ease memory recall.

The ACT Question of the Day is the perfect way to get in a quick review session during your commute. If you need a little more practice, the app will randomize questions from the last 30 days for you to practice.

[Follow these six tips for ACT success.]

2. ACTStudent: This is the official app for ACT test takers, and is available for iOS users. Students can use this app to register for tests, view past scores and practice four of the five sections on the exam.

Like ACT Question of the Day, ACTStudent explains the reasoning behind the correct answer, as well as how to reach it. While the app includes science questions – a rarity in the app world – it does not offer practice for the writing section of the exam.

3. SATLadder: One of the best ways to prepare for the SAT is to compete against fellow students. SATLadder is available to iOS users and tests critical reading, mathematics and writing. Head-to-head competitions allow you to challenge friends or strangers to climb the ladder with correct answers.

But this app is not all about play. SATLadder stores answered questions for later review, and allows users to earn points to unlock explanations for the challenges that troubled them. SATLadder is an excellent option for students who are motivated by a little competition.

4. SAT Up: SAT Up integrates social media elements into the study experience. By completing banks of questions, users can earn achievement badges such as “See the Light,” awarded for 10 correct responses, and allow SAT Up to predict SAT scores.

There are numerous free test prep apps available for smart phone.

*The Future Prep Institute does not endorse any of the above resources. These are simply listed as possible study resources.